Types of Construction Project

The types of construction projects can be classified broadly by function and source of funding of the construction project, namely:

1. Based on the function:
– Housing construction
– Commercial construction, such as banks, offices, schools etc.
– Constitutional construction , such as hospitals, etc.
– Construction of the heavy and highway.

2. Based on the source of funds:
– Government Funds, which are a generally competitive tender process, must be in accordance with the applicable legislation.
– Private Funds, where the auction process can generally be negotiated and determined by the rules held by the owner with the help of a consultant planner and construction manager.

In construction projects, there are four important parameters which to measure the successful implementation of a construction project from a technical standpoint, the costs should be allocated, which must be kept settling time, quality, and safety that must be met. These four parameters are related to each other and allocated as targets to be achieved in the implementation of construction projects. Therefore, at the time of project planning should be a risk management business to anticipate and minimise the risks.

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