Wood construction

Construction can be defined as a combination of structural elements and elements nonstructural. In other words, the object of building construction is overall formed on unified structures. Examples include the construction of houses, buildings, bridges, and highways. Wood is a material that is produced from natural resources, is the raw material that is easily processed for goods made in accordance with the wishes and technological advances. Wood derived from plants living in nature which type of tree has a trunk in the form of wood.

There some types of wood produced from trees that can generally be divided into two major categories, namely:
Tree species from the class of broadleaf trees, with the following characteristics:
– Generally, form a large leaf.
– Heading large and rounded
– Occurs fallen leaves
– Growth is slow / old
– Generally not a straight trunk and gnarled
– Generally, have a harder wood.

Tree species from the class of needle leaf trees, with the following characteristics:
– A form of needle-like leaves
– Cone-shaped canopy.
– Generally not shed leaves, but few trees.
– The rapid growth and straight up.
– Generally, have soft wood and light.

In addition to the above differences, other differences are:
Width leaf
– Wooden structures fuller
– Having pores with shape combination which is more complex.
– Examples of types of broadleaf trees, such as Teak, Meranti etc.

Needles Wood Leaves
– Wooden structure more simple
– Has no pores. It has tracheids cells, ie cells with a long tip that small to taper.
– The number of cell types less and network combination is in simple forms.
– The number of tree species that have needles leaves is Pinusatau, Agathis, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood as a building material.
The advantages:
– Many woods in all around the world and can be recycled again with replanted (reforestation).
– Easy to work with and easily shaped according to the needs and the use also a relatively cheap price.
– The strength of wood is quite high and light.
– Resistance to electrical and chemical (except hard material) is high enough / good.
– In certain types of wood have a wonderful texture, so it has decorative point.
– Soundproof.

– It’s less homogeneous.
– Easily influenced by climate / weather.
– Deflection can occur in a state of high humidity.
– Easily attacked by insects, fungi and marine worms.
– The existence of congenital defects and defects of nature
– Somewhat flammable.

Ideal construction design must meet certain requirements. Among which construction should be strong and durable so it can function as they are designed.