What is the Construction?

Construction is an activity to make infrastructure and also facilities. In a context of architecture or civil engineering, construction is known as a building or infrastructure unit in an area or in several areas.

Briefly defined as objects overall construction of the building which consists of parts of the structure. For example, construction is the building structure design / wake up the whole of the building structure. Another example: Highway Construction, Bridge Construction, Vessel Construction, and others.

Construction can also be divided as the arrangement of a building (house, bridges, etc.) Construction activity is known as 1 job, but in reality, the construction is an activity unit that consists of several other jobs different. In general activities construction supervised by project managers, design engineers, or project architect. These people work in the office, while the control field is usually left to the project foreman who supervised construction workers, carpenters, masons and others to complete a physical construction.

Buildings are grouped into four groups:
– The building, namely: offices, hospitals, hotels, homes and others.
– Transportation Building, namely: roads, bridges, railroads, terminals, ports, airports, etc.
– Water Building, namely: dams, irrigation canals, drainage channels, for the building, culverts and other.
– Special Building namely offshore platforms, towers high voltage power lines, radio towers, TV and so on.

In general, the construction of buildings must be functional, in terms of shape, size and organisation of the room to meet the needs in accordance with its function, strong and durable, not easily broken in the sense that the maintenance costs become relatively cheap.
Hygienic, in terms of air circulation and light enough, so that the occupants feel comfortable and healthy and also economical, in the sense that there is no wastage of financing to be relatively efficient, and effective. The building also has to look beautiful and pleasing to the eye.